Smart Factory project

Project name

Development of modular expert system for managing discreet production processes based on the use of SMART FACTORY principles.

Project description
In scientific research literature the term Industry 4.0 represents a set of all technological changes in production processes based on the use of Internet of things, artificial inteligence, digitalization and machine learning. These terms represent the center of all future changes and not just in production processes of a company but in other, auxiliary processes and functions in the company (managing, financial, purchasing, logistics, sales). The Fourth Industrial Revolution will not only enable robotization and automatization of production, but it will provide machines with the ability to learn, conclude and communicate. This project will result in a modular expert system that should become a basic management tool in discrete production processes.

Goal and expected project results:

Goal of this research is to create modular expert system which will enable:

-Digitalization of certain processes and functions within the company or whole production;

-Automatization of procedures, depending on achieved technological level of development in  the company;

-Machine learning, regardless of the complexity of the production itself.

Research that will be conducted in 2 different production systems and laboratory of the Applicant will enable identification of standardized procedures for up until now non-standard production processes and the ability to track production by using „Big data“. Expected result of the research is a built modular expert system for managing smart factory which will enable  a faster application of Industry 4.0 principles in discreet production and other processes of the smart factory.

Project applicant (grants beneficiary)

University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, Ivana Lučića 5, Zagreb

Project partners (grants beneficiary)

KONČAR-ENERGETSKI TRANSFORMATORI, d.o.o., Josipa Mokrovića 12, Zagreb

WINDOR d.o.o. za proizvodnju i preradu drveta i građevinarstvo, Buk 54 A, Pleternica

Total project value: 10.405.507,98 kn

Amount co-financed by the EU: 6.147.435,99 kn

Project implementation period: 16.12.2020. – 16.12.2022.